Insurance & Payment Information

Medicare coverage coming soon! Please call today for more information.

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Countless men and women have found freedom from their addiction to opioids after receiving the quality care that is available at Beloit Comprehensive Treatment Center.

These successes are directly related to the personalization of each patient’s treatment plan. At the time of intake, our patient’s needs are assessed and then incorporated into the treatment planning process. We have structured our treatment in this manner so that those who are entrusted to our care can experience the most favorable treatment outcomes and finally break free from the all-consuming grips of opioid addiction.

Given the fact that treatment planning is customized, the cost of care at our center can be different from one patient to the next. We make a point to discuss treatment costs early on so that our patients know exactly what they are expected to pay.

The following policies apply to all patients receiving treatment at Beloit Comprehensive Treatment Center, and will be explained to prospective patients by our staff when contacting our center:

  • We accept Wisconsin Medicaid, though our center must approve eligibility prior to a patient’s intake appointment.
  • If patients using Wisconsin Medicaid are required to pay a copay, this must occur at the time of service.
  • While our center does not currently accept other forms of insurance, patients can still use their insurance to pay for their treatment. We can provide receipts for services that have been paid for, and patients can submit those receipts to their insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Beloit Comprehensive Treatment Center accepts cash and cashier’s checks as acceptable methods of payment.
  • At this time, we do not accept credit cards.

If you or your loved one has any questions regarding our payment policies, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff. You or the person you care about can call, have your questions answered, and schedule an intake appointment on a day and at a time that is convenient.

At Beloit Comprehensive Treatment Center, we are prepared to supply the life-saving care needed to restore and improve the lives of those who are caught in the throes of opioid addictions. Here, you or a loved one can begin again.